Vince Gill and Amy Grant's daughter Corrina Grant Gill has released a new song called "Too Much." Her playful vocals carry the listener along through this humble track that is both self-reflective and honest.

She's dedicated the song to empaths everywhere.

Gill's voice dances through the first verse as she marvels at the people around her who appear to have it all together. She'd give anything to not be told she's too emotional or made to feel like a burden on the people close to her.

"'Cause I'd just be weight on your shoulder, just a burden / Just a body getting older all of a sudden / I bite my nails and my hair rarely sees a brush / How do I feel so little and like I'm still too much?," she sings in the first chorus.

"Too Much" then dives into her relationship with the person who makes he feel as though she's perfect. There's a feeling of home with this person, but she fears the moments when she's left alone with her thoughts. Ultimately, she asks, how can one feel like they are too much when there's someone who assures them they're more than enough?

Gill strays away from traditional songs with a repeating chorus — instead she opts for repeating the opening lines and then diving into more self-analyzing. This time around, she claims her independence and stands firmly in the beautiful empath she was made to be.

"I'm not a weight on your shoulder, or a burden / I'm more than a body getting older all of a sudden / My laugh is loud and I smile to my eyes, or should / How could I feel so little and like I'm still too much? / But I feel so little and still too much," she belts out in the second chorus.

Like her parents, Gill is passionate about music. Her social media is filled with photos and videos dedicated to her craft. In addition to her own originals, she has shared several covers.

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