Cole Swindell is out on the road with Florida Georgia Line this summer, acting as an opening act on the duo's Dig Your Roots Tour. The singer-songwriter says that his friendship with FGL's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley makes the trek particularly meaningful.

"They loved me way before I wrote "Chillin’ It" or any of that, and they’re the people that are always going to be there," Swindell recently told The Boot and other reporters of Hubbard and Kelley. "So to be on a Dig Your Roots Tour with Florida Georgia Line, I’m excited."

The friendship between the three men goes back long before their days of stardom, to when they were all struggling musicians.

“We’d go back and forth for hours, me and Cole and Tyler — play each other new songs, new demos, work tapes,” Kelley tells The Boot. “And there’s just a bond there, a creative bond, but I think it’s even deeper than that. It’s just a great group of people.”

Although Florida Georgia Line have yet to announce a release date for their upcoming Dig Your Roots album, Swindell promises that their fans will be blown away by the new set of tunes.

"I got to hear some of their new music, and it’s stellar," he boasts. "It’s going to be a fun tour, and I just love that name; that sounds like where I’m from. That’s the message of the song -- I actually heard the "Dig Your Roots" song, and it’s what you hear growing up, and you don’t ever want to forget that."

On the Dig Your Roots Tour, Swindell shares opening act duties with the Cadillac Three and Kane Brown. A list of all of Swindell's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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