Chris Lane's latest single, "For Her," is quickly climbing the charts, and it's got an incredibly sweet music video to help propel it to success. The song muses on the power of that special someone -- "She got a smile that makes your worst day / Feel like it's your birthday / She's got a laugh like confetti / Would change her name if she'd let me / She's got a way of changing the game / The way that you play is never the same" -- and its accompanying clip features an unscripted real-life proposal.

"There were several ideas thrown out, but when [director TK McKamy] came to the table with that one, specifically, we thought it would be different," Lane recently told The Boot and other reporters of the idea. "We didn’t know of anybody ever doing a video where there’s actually a legitimate proposal."

So, they found a lucky couple, Brandon and Connie; "we just put it all together and tried to see what would happen, hoping she would say yes in the moment," Lane explains. The video opens with Brandon sharing a little bit about their relationship and explaining how he got Connie to Lane's music video set -- and from there, viewers get to see the magic happen. Thankfully, the bride-to-be said yes ... although it took a bit of convincing for her to believe it was real.

"Apparently, it was so far out of [Brandon's] character to do something like this," Lane admits. "When he got down on his knee, she just kept saying, ‘What? What? Are you serious?’

"We thought it was a cool idea," Lane adds, "and the feedback from this video has been amazing."

"For Her" is the second single from Lane's freshman album, Girl Problems; it follows his No. 1 hit "Fix." Girl Problems is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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