To follow the success of his No. 1 single "Fix," Chris Lane has selected "For Her" as his next single.

"For Her" comes from Lane's debut album, Girl Problems. The catchy, poppy song, produced by Joey Moi, is about a girl who makes a guy fall madly in love and want to do ... well, everything ... for her.

"She got a smile that makes your worst day feel like it's your birthday / She's got a laugh like confetti / Would change her name if she'd let me," Lane sings in the song's first verse, before laying out just what he would do for this woman in the chorus: "She's the kind that makes you wanna ride around, windows down, yell with the radio / She's the kind that makes you wanna drop your plans, drop a grand, hell, where'd the money go? / She make you wanna fight for her / She make you wanna die for her, yeah / She make you wanna fall, make you want it all ..."

In a recent interview, Lane told The Boot that he considers “For Her” to be his “Backstreet Boys moment.” The track draws from both sides of Lane's spectrum of influences, which include BSB, George Strait, Usher, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake and Kenny Chesney.

“Joey definitely has a signature sound, no doubt about it,” Lane admits of his producer, “but what he’s great at is making each artist sound different in their own way … It was a little nerve-wracking at the beginning, for me, working with someone who’s been so successful, but there’s a reason he’s been.”

Girl Problems is available for download on iTunes, and more information about Lane, including a list of his upcoming tour dates, can be found on his official website.

Listen to Chris Lane, "For Her":

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