Chris Janson says that he wrote his newest single, "Good Vibes," to spread a message of positivity. "No matter what times we're living in, we're always gonna have ups and downs in life, and I think that is a timeless message that is so simple," he says of the track.

In fact, he goes on to say, the song also serves as a reminder to himself to approach each new day with a positive attitude. "You how know they say sometimes when you're giving somebody an uplifting talk or speech, you're really talking to yourself? I think "Good Vibes" was a reminder to me, too," he continues.

"You choose to have a bad day or a good day. You choose it, every single day," Janson explains. "Every single moment, you have a choice to be not nice to somebody or to be really nice to somebody. I just pray really hard for myself, and ask for guidance and humility, and I think "Good Vibes" stems from that.

"And I think we just got a big hit song of it because of that," the singer adds.

Janson co-wrote "Good Vibes" with hit-making songwriters Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley, during an informal jam session. Although the three hadn't originally planned to write together that day, once they hit on the song, they pursued it because they knew they had something special, and they were having a good time. Janson says that was typical of the writing process for many of his most recent batch of songs, which make up the track listing for a forthcoming new album.

"We were just there for fun," he says. "This is an awesome job, and I do love the job, and I never got into it for nothing other than just loving it. We just wrote true to life."

Janson always knew "Good Vibes" was special, but he became confident that it would be his next single after he saw the resoundingly positive reaction to it both from his team and from his fans.

"People have really come around to it immediately. That doesn't happen with every kind of song," he says. "Sometimes they have to be out there and be heard for a while before [fans] start singing it. Not this one. People are shouting it from the rooftops."

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