Chris Janson is known these days as an artist in his own right (and a Grand Ole Opry member!), but he's also penned hits for other artists. In fact, he was scoring hits with other country stars years before earning one himself.

Party songs and heartfelt ballads mix together on this list of Top 5 Chris Janson Songs. Scroll down to see The Boot's picks for his best tunes.

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    "'Til a Woman Comes Along"

    From the 'Take It to the Bank' EP (2014)

    This cut pre-dates the rest of the songs on this list (it’s Janson's debut single and was first released in 2010), but the voice and the style that come through are pure Janson. The song didn’t make a huge splash -- it peaked at No. 52 on the Hot Country Songs chart -- but with Janson’s signature baritone and a killer harmonica solo, it set the stage for what would happen a few years later, when Janson became better known.

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    "Drunk Girl"

    From 'Everybody' (2017)

    This song is -- refreshingly, thankfully -- not what its title could imply. Unlike the repertoire of songs featuring narrators gleefully getting women drunk, this one takes the opposite approach.

    Take a drunk girl home / Let her sleep alone / Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone,” the chorus goes. "Pick up her life she threw on the floor / Leave the hall lights on, walk out and lock the door ..."

    Janson tells Billboard that he wrote "Drunk Girl" from a “father’s perspective,” but hopefully everyone listening to it -- father or not -- heeds the message.

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    "Fix a Drink"

    From 'The Fix a Drink EP' (2017)

    While Janson is firm on his stance about how to treat women who have been drinking, he’s also firm on his stance on drinking in general: He’s in favor of it (although he doesn't imbibe himself). This lighthearted, hopeful song ticks off all the problems in the world, with Janson admitting that he can’t fix them -- but he can “fix a drink / Pour it on ice / Mix it on up and getcha feelin' right.” He’s got fans sold on his bartender skills: This song hit No. 2 on the charts.

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    "Holdin' Her"

    From 'Buy Me a Boat' (2015)

    Janson’s third single off of his debut full-length album is a genuine tribute to love -- in particular, to Janson’s love for his wife and kids (including, as he explains in a voiceover in the song's music video, his beloved “bonus kids”). While it’s not Janson’s highest-charting single, the song's heartfelt sentiment carries all the way from its narrative verses into its soaring chorus.

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    "Buy Me a Boat"

    From 'Buy Me a Boat' (2015)

    While his first single dropped in 2010, it was 2015’s “Buy Me a Boat” that catapulted Janson into the spotlight. From the first line of the song -- “I ain’t rich, but I damn sure wanna be” -- he sets the tone for the rest of the playful, self-aware and endlessly catchy tune. Janson co-wrote "Buy Me a Boat" with Chris DuBois, and in addition to hitting No. 2 on the charts, it’s also been certified platinum. With the money he made off the song, Janson probably could buy a boat ... maybe he already has.

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