Plenty of country singers have put out songs that convey messages of positivity and optimism, but there's something undeniably winning and believable about hearing Chris Janson sing "Good Vibes." The singer comes by his optimism honestly: For him, positive thinking is not just a feel-good subject for a country song, but also a personal mantra.

"I'm just being myself. And I'm also choosing to be this way," Janson explains to The Boot. "Words are so powerful. If you wake up and say, 'Man, are we blessed or what?! We are really blessed,' then you'll be blessed, and you'll feel blessed, and you'll feel happy and energized and wanna do things."

Part of that attitude, he goes on to say, dates back to an inspiring gift his wife gave him early on in their marriage: "When we got married, Kelly gave me this book, and we still read it all the time," he recounts. "It's a devotional book ... a Sarah Young book. And it really was a big inspiration to kind of getting on that track when we got married. It really just keeps the positivity alive."

Another way of keeping the positivity alive, Janson adds, is seeing optimism and hope reflected back to him by the fans that take inspiration from his music. "I do feel that if it's inspiring some people or changing lives or changing the way people feel or perceive me, it's real, and it's something to uphold and keep up," he continues.

"It's a good reminder to myself," says Janson, adding that having a song like "Good Vibes" out only makes it more important for him to continue to spread that message of positivity.

"It's a good pressure, because you've gotta walk it like you talk it," he goes on to say. "If you're gonna be the "Good Vibes" guy, you better durn sure be the "Good Vibes" guy, and live it."

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