Chris Cagle is the latest country singer to step in and break up a fight at a live show -- but with an interesting twist.

The singer -- whose hits include ‘Chicks Dig It,’ ‘Laredo’ and ‘I Breathe In, I Breathe Out' -- was performing at Mountainfest at Ft. Drum in New York on Wednesday (June 25) when a scuffle broke out in the crowd.

Cagle stopped the show to point out the offending audience members.

“Excuse me, Mr. MP sir, take him away. Let them come next year and figure out how to act,” he said. “The gentleman in the green shirt and whoever is pushing back. Bye bye. We’re done. You don’t act like that.”

Cagle then admonished one of the fighters directly. "Are you a civilian, or are you on the base?" he asked.

When the man replied that he was a soldier, the crowd booed. But Cagle -- who was there to honor the troops -- decided to give him a second chance, though it wasn't without consequences.

“Don’t kick him out," he said. "Take him over and let him stand by the general for the whole show.”

The incident was captured in the video above, courtesy of radio station Big Frog 104 in Utica, N.Y.

Cagle didn't let the altercation dampen his enthusiasm for the visit. He posted the following to Twitter that evening.