Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle Interview: ‘Back in the Saddle’ Looks Beyond Troubled Past
Chris Cagle has definitely been through some drama and fought his share of demons over the past decade, with a few of those situations making headlines in the press and eventually starting to nearly overshadow his notable music career. A hitmaker shortly after debuting on the scene 12 years ago on Virgin Records, Chris rocketed up the charts with hits such as "My Love Goes On and On" and
Chris Cagle Reflects on Fatherhood
Chris Cagle has a house full of girls surrounding him these days between his wife Kay and three young daughters, so he's sure to get plenty of attention around his ranch this Father's Day. And though he's outnumbered as the only man in the house, the country singer is definitely enjoying being a dad to Chloe, Stella and Piper...
Chris Cagle, ‘Got My Country On’ — New Video
Artist: Chris Cagle Song: 'Got My Country On' Why We Dig It: Chris returns with his first music video in five years, filled with personal tour footage that spotlights the singer's high-octane live show, along with his great respect for America's blue-collared workers...

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