Chase Rice has debuted the lyric video for his new single, 'Gonna Wanna Tonight.' The mostly black-and-white video splashes the words while a cartoon-style animation flashes across the screen.

With clever lines like, "If you wanna climb a ladder on a water tower / Then we'll kick it with the stars for a couple hours / If you wanna then we're gonna get way up high / If you wanna dip your toes where the water stops / Then we'll let our feet hang off a fishin' dock ... If you wanna then we're gonna girl / I hope you're gonna wanna all night," the song, which is the second single from Rice's No.1 'Ignite the Night' album, shows who he really is, on and off stage.

"People talk about how they’re tired of hearing, get a girl in your truck, drive her around, take her down the dirt road, however you word it,” Rice says. “I brush that off real quick. Trust me, these people I’m seeing at these shows are doing that. And they’re doing that because that’s their life. I’m singing about it because that was my life before I was touring all the time."

'Gonna Wanna Tonight,' written by Shane McAnally, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins, is one of only three songs Rice didn't write on 'Ignite the Night.' But the 28-year-old says the entire project is a labor of love.

“Words can’t really express how grateful I am to all the people that came together to make this album happen,” Rice says. “Starting with the fans, who come to my shows night after night and sing my songs back to me -- I wouldn't have a career without them, and I’m excited to get new music out so we can keep the party going."

Rice is currently on his Ignite the Night Tour in support of the album. Download 'Ignite the Night' here.