Cassadee Pope has shared a fun new song all about the excitement that comes along with a brand new love. Press play above for all the feel-good, catchy tune for yourself.

In her-upbeat new release, Pope sings about the thrill that comes along with getting to know someone new and wanting to spend as much time as possible with each other. "One more red light, let’s keep it going / Take another lap around this town / Another slide over to your side, stealing kisses / Baby I just wanna drag it out," she sings. "Let’s take the long way home / Nice and slow / Before we have to say goodnight / Let’s find one more red light / Let’s find one more red light." 

“The idea for "One More Red Light" came from the excitement of connecting with someone that you’re getting to know,” says Pope in a press release. “It’s such a fun and unpredictable time, and if it’s going THAT well, you just don’t want the night to end, so the story I’m telling between "Take You Home" and "One More Red Light" is about hope and vulnerability."

Pope goes on to reflect on why she chose to start off the next phase of her career by introducing listeners to a bubbly and hopeful side of her personality. "This is a whole new chapter in my life," she explains. "I absolutely dive into the darker times on some of the other tracks coming for this project, but I wanted to start the story here.”

"One More Red Light" was written by Pope, Kelly Archer and Emily Shackleton. The song is available for purchase now. More information about Pope can be found on her official website.

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