The 2016-2017 NFL football season is just around the corner, and if you can't wait to hear Carrie Underwood's new Sunday Night Football theme song, you're in luck: NBC has released the full two-minute version of "Oh, Sunday Night."

"Oh, Sunday Night" begins with Underwood singing “Oh, Sunday night / Oh, Sunday night” over the sound of a heartbeat. The song is set to the tune of “Somethin’ Bad,” Underwood and Miranda Lambert's Grammy-nominated hit.

"America's game, been waitin' all day / The best of the best have come to play / The gang's all here, let's turn it up / It's the NFL, can't get enough / Got a battle tonight, winner take all / Ain't nothin' like Sunday night football / It's out of control, get set, let's go / The clock's windin' down, let's rock and roll," Underwood sings. "Stand up and cheer, stomp your feet, start clappin' / NBC Sunday night about to happen / The hits keep comin' and the lights keep flashin' / Come on, come on, get ready for the action."

Fans can hear the full version of "Oh, Sunday Night" on The song replaces “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” the SNF theme song from 2006 through 2015; Underwood worked with the writers of "Somethin' Bad," Chris DeStefano, Brett James and Priscilla Renea, to rewrite the lyrics.

“It has such a great stomp-clap, a “We Will Rock You” kind of feel to it,” says Underwood. “This is such a high-energy song.”

Underwood has been singing the SNF theme since 2013, when she took over Faith Hill‘s duties, making the upcoming season her fourth as the voice of the introduction.

Fans will first get to see the video version of Underwood’s 2016-2017 Sunday Night Football theme on Sept. 8 (a Thursday), when the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos face the Carolina Panthers. The game is set for 8:30PM ET on NBC.

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