"They need to make the puck neon pink, because I'm having a hard time watching TV and following it," Carrie Underwood told Chicago's US99 radio station back in April of 2009, when asked about watching her then-boyfriend Mike Fisher play for the Ottawa Senators. Fast forward three years, and the country superstar is married to Mike (who's now a Nashville Predator) and has become somewhat of a hockey expert!

ESPN met with the "Good Girl" to play a hockey game of words, asking her to fill in the blanks on some statements about the sport and the current NHL playoffs. She is, of course, rooting for the Preds, who are one of eight teams left in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But what are her other hockey viewing habits? We've listed some of our favorite fill-in-the-blank statements from Carrie below. (Read the full ESPN article here.)

I think playoff beards are awesome because my husband makes one look sooooo sexy!

I have nightmares about the Zamboni.

Seeing Mike win a Stanley Cup is on my sports bucket List.

Screaming at the refs is my guilty pleasure during games.

If I could play any professional sport I would love to play football (I was a pretty mean quarterback for the Tri Sigmas during Greek Week).

Read the rest of Carrie's hockey word game here.

The Oklahoma-bred beauty is getting ready to release her highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Blown Away, on May 1. The project's first single, "Good Girl," made its debut at No. 1 on Billboard's Digital Country Songs chart just three days after it was released to radio. The uptempo, country-rockin' song is joined by an eclectic mix of melodies on Carrie's new record.

"The rest of the album is more growing and different influences but in different directions," she says. "I grew up a lover of music, and if you look on my iPod I have the most random stuff. We go to photo shoots and they'll take my iPod and push shuffle, and I'm always worried about what's going to pop up because it's the most random mix of music ever ... I love singing different kinds of things, which is why I can do the Steven Tyler thing (CMT's 'Crossroads') and the next week turn around and sing on the Grammys with Tony Bennett. Those are polar opposites, but I feel comfortable in both places. My album is a lot like that. It's a big old puzzle and everything has its own place. There's 'Good Girl' and there's some more traditional stuff than I've ever done before."

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