Thousands of Carrie Underwood fans have been downloading and snapping up copies of the singer's latest album, Blown Away, but in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Carrie singles out several of the songs and albums by favorite artists that have played a significant role in her own life.

The blonde belter reveals that although she doesn't remember it, the first song she sang in public was "Jesus Loves Me." "I have photographic evidence of me singing [it] church with another kid," She recalls. "And apparently I stole the mic and brought the house down. But the first one I remember singing on stage was "Somewhere Out There" from "An American Tail." I was around 7 and my choir teacher at school asked me if I would sing it. My parents told me that I needed to move around the stage, so for the entire time I just walked back and forth from side to side while I was singing -- there's videotape of it. I watched it recently, and I don't know why on earth Mrs. Cooper would have asked me to sing. I don't think I would've been like, 'Yes! This child needs to have a solo!'"

Other musical memories Carrie shares are the album that reminds her of her first crush, Matchbox Twenty's Yourself or Someone Like You: "When I was in seventh grade, I totally had a crush on a guy who was older than me, and he listened to alternative music. So he was into Days of the New and stuff like that, and more poppy stuff, too, like Matchbox Twenty.

As far as an album fans might not expect the the Oklahoma native to love, she points to the mid-'90s' discs, Live Through This and Celebrity Skin by Hole, the rock band fronted by Courtney Love. "When I got into all the grunge stuff, I really liked Hole," she explains. "I actually saw them in concert when I was a sophomore in high school. It was kind of rare to see a successful female rocker get down and dirty with the guys. And Courtney Love did. It was fun to be a fan of something different.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Carrie acknowledges that the song for which she'd like to be remembered is "Jesus, Take the Wheel." "I would pick and important one. Not 'Before He Cheats' or 'Good Girl,' none of that. Something that somebody can hear and it would make them feel better or help them through an important time or a tough time in their life."

For more of Carrie's favorite music, check out the current issue of Entertainment Weekly on newsstands now.

Watch 'Fun Facts About Carrie Underwood'

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Top 10 Fun Facts About Carrie Underwood