Since 1998, the Dixie Chicks have released four studio albums and sold more than 30 million records, the latest being 2006's 'Taking the Long Way.' And while the trio of Natalie Maines and sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire are still on a Chicks' hiatus, they are adding another disc to their illustrious collection. 'The Essential Dixie Chicks' will be released on October 26, giving fans all of their No.1 hits along with 18 Top 10 singles in a double-disc package.

"'The Essential Dixie Chicks' gave us the opportunity to put together a collection that spans our career so far," Emily Robison says of the 30-track project. "It not only brings together our hit singles to date, but it also represents some of our favorite album tracks, which we still perform in concert. As we move into our second decade with Sony Music, this package is dedicated to all our fans and supporters."

The Dixie Chicks released 12 of their hits earlier this year on the single-disc 'Playlist: The Very Best of the Dixie Chicks,' which included the CMA-award-winning single, 'Wide Open Spaces' as well as their last Top 40 hit, 'Not Ready to Make Nice.' This new collection expands on that, including songs such as 'Cowboy Take Me Away,' 'There's Your Trouble' and 'Ready to Run.'

Since the Chicks' self-imposed break in 2008, Emily and Martie have formed a new duo, Court Yard Hounds, while the Dixie Chicks reunited for a brief summer tour with the Eagles and Keith Urban. But while they enjoyed being out on the road as a trio again, their plans for an official reunion are still uncertain.

"It's one of those things where you can never tell," Emily tells The Boot. "If we get together and we feel like sitting down and writing, we will, but we're not planning on it one way or the other."

Watch the Dixie Chicks perform live in our studio below.

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