On Aug. 31, Carrie Underwood returned to the road to resume her Storyteller Tour, after taking a well-deserved break over the summer. The seasoned singer, who has spent much of her life since winning American Idol in 2005 on the road, will perform this fall and winter in places she has never visited before, including Alaska, where she kicked off the trek's new leg, and New Zealand and Australia, where she will be joined by good friend Keith Urban.

"I’ve never been to Alaska before, and I’ve certainly never played there, so that will be another thing to check off the list of cool things I get to do in my career," Underwood recently told The Boot and other reporters. "[Urban was] like, ‘I’m going to Australia,’ and I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m going to Australia. Let’s go together!’ He’s a great guy to work with and great people to be around, so it made sense. I’m excited."

With a tour that will span almost an entire year, Underwood has learned how to keep things fresh -- for herself, her band and her loyal fans.

"I personally like to change a few things up, just to keep it fresh and let people who saw our show on the first leg see something a little different on the second leg," Underwood explains. "We’re doing a little tour wardrobe refresh and changing up a couple songs, and just keeping things interesting and fun.

"We have so much fun onstage every night," she adds. "It flies by. There’s not one show where I’m like, ‘Man, the crowd’s not into it. We’re not into it.’ Every single night, everybody brings it. I feel like we bring it, the crowd brings it, and everyone has so much fun."

A list of all of Underwood's upcoming shows is available on her website.

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