Brooklyn trio Camp Bedford offer up a transportive and magical set of tracks on their upcoming debut EP, So Often and So Sweet

Comprised of members Roxanne Quilty (guitar, vocals), Mariela Flor Olivo (lead rhythm guitar, vocals) and Tallen Gabriel (cello), the queer and femme-led outfit bring a modern mysticism to familiar folk-pop sounds. This unique sonic blend, elevated by their seamlessly blended voices, immediately captivates the listener and holds strong throughout the EP's entirety.

Lyrically, Camp Bedford pushes past polite pleasantries and runs directly toward the truth — even when it may be difficult to hear. The track "2AM" explores the frustration and pain of watching a former love give their energy to another, leaving you to wonder what could have been if they had treated you the same. 

The sweeping cut "Jupiter," which debuted on The Boot earlier this month, offers a raw confrontation with your sense of self and an acceptance of the people and things worth letting go of. In "Tonight," the trio plead for one more night with their heart's desire, searching for something they can hold onto long after that moment together has passed.

"So Often and So Sweet honors the huge, messy, all-consuming emotions that are often easier to turn away from or shove in a box under the bed than face head on," the trio tells The Boot. "It's both a testament to standing your ground and knowing when it's time to move on."


Although the EP is brief, comprised of just three songs, the band makes the most of that time, taking listeners on a fully immersive and impactful journey through the gamut of complex human emotions.

Before it hits streaming services tomorrow (March 31), get an exclusive early listen of Camp Bedford's So Often & So Sweet EP in its entirety below.

You can find more information on Camp Bedford's music and upcoming tour dates via their official website.

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