Since releasing her debut EP, Welcome to Cam Country, the talented Cam has captured the hearts of many, and now, she's revealed the details of her debut full-length record, Untamed.

Untamed's cover is different than most country album covers -- and that's why it makes such an impact. It's fresh and bright, and there are no trucks or guitars or denim or cowboy boots. Wearing a fuzzy white sweater and sitting in what looks like a resort bedroom, Cam is sipping lemon juice straight from a lemon -- and it's not because there wasn't a juicer on set.

"The idea of just drinking a lemon straight is, life is going to hand you a lot of things that you don't necessarily want to deal with, and you should not water it down and sweeten it up," Cam tells Rolling Stone Country. "Drink it straight, and deal with it head on. If you're brave enough to take whatever it is head on, you win. The world is yours."

Untamed is named after its first track -- a tune that is equal parts Cam's musical strategy and carefree, unaffected personality.

"That song is about going to the place that the cops don't go and having a party — but also doing things your own way," Cam says. "We weren't being rebels on purpose; we just didn't know how things were done."

Untamed is set for release on Dec. 11 -- just in time for snatching up and putting under the Christmas tree.  It is available for pre-order on Amazon; however, a track listing has not yet been announced.

The singer will be touring in support of her new record and will also be opening for superstar Brad Paisley during his 2016 Crushin' It World Tour.

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