Cam has released a hot new video for her song "Burning House."

The song appears on Welcome to Cam Country, and its video was directed by Trey Fanjoy. The clip starts off with Cam looking at a burning house -- and instead of walking away, she goes inside, only to find a party, where people aren't bothered by the apparent fiery danger. The video progresses to scenes of the singer and a man embracing in a bedroom that, like the rest of the house, is going up in flames.

The flames in the dramatic music video are real -- and they proved hard to handle at times, because Cam's dress caught on fire during the shoot.

"It's been a crazy day. From puffy sleeves that got removed on the dress, to flaming cocktails bursting, and then lighting my dress on fire ..." she told ET following the video shoot. "I just did a walk up the stairs, and the carpet caught on fire. We're really lucky everything seems to be okay, and it's going to turn out beautiful."

"Burning House" was inspired by a dream that Cam had -- and it clearly left an impression.

"I had a fella that I dated on-again, off-again in college, and towards the end of the relationship, I wanted to kinda get out, and I didn't do it very nice. I was gonna see him about a year or two later, at a mutual friend's party, and I thought, 'This is my chance to apologize,'" she explains. "I thought so much about how I was gonna put that apology before that party that night before, I went to bed with all that on my mind, [and] I dreamt about this house. It was on fire, and all the rescue crews were out, and they couldn't put out the fire. They were saying, 'He's in there, but you can't go in there. The house is about to come down.' And, like the hero I am, I ran inside, and he was in there.

"Instead of leaving and saving myself, I just laid down next to him and held him so he wouldn't have to die alone," Cam adds.

Welcome to Cam Country is available for download via Amazon and iTunes.

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