Brett Young has selected "Like I Loved You" as the next single from his self-titled debut album. Readers can press play below to hear the track.

Co-written by Young and Jesse Lee, "Like I Loved You" finds Young facing down a breakup: He's the dumpee, and his significant other is trying to let him down easy.

"Seems like you've got it all figured out / You're alright with the way this is going down," Young sings near the beginning of "Like I Loved You." Later, he notes, "By the way you're talking, you would think / You never had any real feelings for me ..."

"Don't tell me we can still be friends / Hanging on the weekend / You're gonna be okay if I start seeing somebody new / You hope that I do / It won't be long / 'Til I forget to call every time that I'm drinking / And you ain't the love song / I can't keep from singing," goes the chorus of "Like I Loved You" -- and then, Young drops the bomb: "I gotta be honest / If you really believe that's the truth / You never loved me like I loved you."

"Like I Loved You" is the third single from Young's self-titled debut album; it will officially impact country radio on July 17. The song follows the Top 5, gold-certified hit "Sleep Without You" and the No. 1, platinum-selling "In Case You Didn't Know." This summer, Young is out on the road with Lady Antebellum, serving as an opening act for their You Look Good World Tour.

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