Brett Young doesn't plan on compromising his faith for his music or fans, but the pastor's son -- who pledges to keep his music "PG" to appeal to listeners of all ages -- also believes that he doesn't need to preach his beliefs in order for others to know where he stands.

"I would like to think that that’s kind of something that just manifests itself," Young tells The Boot. "I think part of that comes back to the type of music that we’re putting out ... I think that we’re putting out stuff that’s so genuine and honest and relatable."

It's a code of ethics, so to speak, that listeners have gotten behind.

"In a very broad statement, or mentality, you just want as many fans as you can have of your music. You want people to write songs for and connect with and play shows for," Young says. "I hope that this music is connecting with everybody; for me, as a writer, that’s the whole point, to say things that people maybe feel but haven’t been able to put in words, or maybe they have been able to put [those feelings] into words and just want to know other people are feeling it too. And so, everybody’s welcome."

Young hasn't had any awkward fan encounters yet -- "I guess I've been lucky," he admits -- but he's also used to being the headliner. That'll change when he hits the road with Lady Antebellum for the You Look Good World Tour.

"We’ve gotten to play shows where I’m the headliner, so people are buying tickets to come see me, and that’s when you really learn, 'Okay, who's listening to this music?' That and social media," Young notes. "But I couldn’t feel luckier about the fan base that is starting to grow ... People have just been super, super supportive and awesome."

A list of all of Young's upcoming shows, including those on his trek with Lady A, is available on his website. Young's self-titled debut album is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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