Brett Young's single "Here Tonight" is special to the singer for a number of reasons. Not only was it the first single to come off of his sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., but it also went on to become a No. 1 hit.

However, Young explains, for him, the most exciting part about the song is who he wrote it with. He loved the process of getting to know Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum as a buddy and a co-writer, and also enjoyed teaming back up with Justin Ebach and working with a good friend, Ben Caver.

Read on as Young explains why each of his "Here Tonight" co-writers is so important to him, and to the song.

That was the first time I ever wrote with Charles [Kelley]. We've written [together] a handful of times after that. Not only having my cut that Charles was a writer on go No. 1, but also having [that cut] be the first time we ever got in a room together [to write], it's [really special].

Aside from the friendship and the writing relationship that Charles and I now have, having Justin Ebach be a writer on that song [was really cool because] he was a writer for my first single on the first record, ["Sleep Without You"], and he got his first No. 1 there. And to have the fourth writer be one of my closest friends in town, and someone I'm such a fan of, Ben Caver, and to have him get his first No. 1 with this -- everything about that song, and the fact that it went No. 1, and getting to share it with those guys, is really special.

And I think we all enjoy hanging out together and writing together so much, I don't think it's gonna be the last time you're gonna hear from that foursome.

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