"Wanna Be That Song," Brett Eldredge's third single from his sophomore album, Illinois, was written by the artist himself, along with Scooter Carusoe and Ross Copperman, Eldredge's good friend and frequent collaborator. Eldredge wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on Illinois (and all but one on his freshman album, Bring You Back), but he says that "Wanna Be That Song" might be his favorite of all ... at least so far.

Below, Eldredge tells The Boot and other reporters about the day the three men wrote "Wanna Be That Song."

I’ve said this a million times, but I don’t know if we could do much better than that.

It was a love song -- a deep-rooted love song. I picture love through music, always, and capturing those big moments in life of "I wanna mean something." The first time you heard [Bob Seger's] "Night Moves," you go back to that place every time -- I want to be that feeling every time I come on the radio; I want to be that feeling to you every day that we’re together.

I had that idea when I was about to go onstage at Kansas Motor Speedway [in Kansas City, Kan.]. I told Scooter Carusoe, "I wanna write a song called "I Wanna Be That Song," all about all those big moments in life." And I walked onstage, literally in front of thousands of people, and I didn’t talk to him about it for three months.

[One day,] he comes in the room, when he and I are writing: "Remember that idea you had?" He starts spitting out these lines. Ross just pounced on it, like, "Oh, man, I love this." Next thing you know, he’s playing guitar parts.

That’s one of the beautiful things when you make music, when things really come together. It’s like we were all meant to write that song together. If it was just Scooter and I, we might have written a completely different song. Ross helped bring a musical vision with it, and the idea. He started finding these chords, and I started singing, and it evolves naturally.

It’s a really special song. I’m really proud of that one.

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