Brandi Carlile paid tribute to legendary singer-songwriter John Prine with a performance of his song "Hello in There" on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night (April 8). Press play above to watch.

Carlile's poignant performance followed an emotional introduction from Colbert, who reflected on how Prine affected his life and reminisced about their performance of "That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round," taped in 2016 but never aired. Carlile delivered her tribute virtually from her home, sitting by the fireplace with a guitar in hand.

"There's so many amazing and powerful messages that John Prine has left the world," Carlile began, "and for the people that weren't familiar with his music, they're about to get a whole lot of truth dropped on them, which I am really happy about."

Carlile selected "Hello in There" because she thinks it's the song Prine would have wanted her to sing. Its message is particularly relevant during this time of social distancing to protect vulnerable people from contracting the novel coronavirus.

"This song refers to the people that we're all staying home to protect," Carlile explains, "and it reminds us that older people aren't expendable, that they made us who we are and they've given us every single thing that we have."

Carlile uses her unwavering voice to keep Prine's words alive with this beautiful rendition of the song. Gently plucking of the guitar, she honors the song's humble, but powerful, message to reach out to those in need of companionship, particularly people in older generations: "So if you're walking down the street sometime / And spot some hollow ancient eyes / Please don't just pass 'em by and stare / As if you didn't care / Say 'hello in there.'"

Prine died at the age of 73 on April 7 due to complications from COVID-19, leaving his family and many fans and friends grieving the loss of the prolific songsmith. Carlile, Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde and Jason Isbell are among the many artists who have paid tribute to Prine following his death.

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