Brad Paisley is rapidly climbing up the chart with his new duet, 'Remind Me,' which he sings with powerhouse vocalist Carrie Underwood. But the two friends, who have become even closer pals thanks in part to their recurring roles as the co-hosts of the CMA Awards, had to figure out how to convincingly convey the song's tender sentiments in a video, while not taking the romantic message too far.

"We had to go very delicate in how we did it, because obviously we're both separately married to other people, and it would be weird with our friendship, being in this lovey-mushy-gushy story," Carrie explains to 'Extra!' "We had to do it from an art perspective."

"That's what she told me when I pitched the first idea," Brad dead-panned. Still, the video, which was filmed in a desert, expertly portrayed the tune's storyline in a way that pleased both stars. "It's a big metaphor -- Carrie and I are in a desert walking towards one another. It's as symbolic as it gets in reference to the song," Brad notes. "In the end, you should say, 'Wow, that looks like you guys had a great time.'"

'Remind Me' is the third single from Brad's album, 'This Is Country Music.' The West Virginia native included guest vocals by Alabama, Don Henley, Sheryl Crow and Blake Shelton on the CD, as well as the whistling skills of movie star Clint Eastwood. Still, he acknowledges he knew there was only one voice for the emotionally-charged tune.

"I think she's the best singer we have, maybe ever had," Brad says. "When she came into the studio and sang her parts for this song, she nailed it ... She's a class act and a complete balance to my non-class act."

Carrie and Brad will reunite on stage in November, when they return for the fourth year as co-hosts of the CMA Awards, which will air live from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on November 9, 2011 at 8:00 PM ET on ABC. Carrie is enjoying some time off the road to work on a new album, while Brad is crossing the country on his H20 II: Wetter & Wilder tour. Keep track of his schedule here.

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