It seemed no one was off-limits for laughs at the 44th annual CMA Awards. Whether it was Tim McGraw, Tiger Woods or Mother Nature, all bets were off. Here are a few whoppers from the night:

Co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley sang a little ditty to the tune of the 'Beverly Hillbillies' theme song. "Here's a little story about 2010 / it ain't been the best but what do you expect?" Brad began. "Nashville had a flood and we barely made the news," Carrie added. "When up though the gulf came a bubbling crude," Brad continued. "Oil that is," Carrie clarified. "84,336,039 barrels to be exact, or precisely," Brad sang. "Thanks BP!" Carrie said. "You're welcome, Carrie," the other BP responded.

"Oh my gosh! Is that Gwyneth Paltrow?" Brad stopped his Beverly Hillbillies song to gawk at the actress. "We could totally go get her autograph. Gwyneth, I have something I've always wanted to ask: Can you get me two Coldplay tickets?" "Don't be rude," Carrie scolded, before changing her tune. "Can you make it four?" (Gwyneth's husband is Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.)

Still on the topic of the Oscar-winning actress, Carrie welcomed her to Nashville. "It takes a lot to come to our town and to get up on our stage," Carrie admitted. "That's true," Brad continued. "None of us country singers would ever have the nerve to just go to Hollywood and think for a second that we could instantly become a major motion picture star. Right, Tim? I'm sorry, Tim couldn't be here tonight, he's on location filming Avatar 2." (And if that wasn't enough to get the laugh, a photo-shopped image of Tim McGraw with his body painted blue, Avatar-style, flashed on the big screen.)

Going with the musical humor, Brad and Carrie collaborated for another song, this one to the tune of Buck Owens' classic 'I've Got a Tiger by the Tail.' "She caught Tiger with some tail / it's plain to see / Brett Favre's taken up photography / Is it me or have pro sports gone straight to hell / ever since they caught ole Tiger with some tail," they sang.

Up next, Brad mistook Lady Antebellum for Lady Gaga, joking, "Are you guys gonna wear your meat suits tonight at least?"

Brad even acknowledged ABC's regularly scheduled programming. "If you're one of the millions of people who are watching tonight, I know what exactly you're thinking: where's 'Modern Family'? I'm sorry but we don't have an adorable middle-aged male couple ... well at least since Brooks & Dunn broke up."

Carrie shared the secret to keeping a celebrity marriage last a four whole months, like hers has. "It's all about love and the fact that he lives in another country."

The hosts even took a moment to joke about the engagement ring Blake Shelton gave Miranda Lambert ... or did they? "Right after they got engaged, she sent me a picture of it," Carrie assured. "And I have to say, it is beautiful and big and just perfect." "OK, I'm sorry, I have to do it ... That's what she said!" Brad responded.

And then, there was Jeff Gordon, who not only fancies himself a Brad Paisley doppelganger, but convincingly portrayed the Entertainer of the Year winner. In an effort to prove which was the real Brad Paisley, Brad asked Jeff to sing one of 'his' songs. "Come on man, everyone knows Brad Paisley lip synchs," Jeff protested.

Whether he meant to be funny or not, Sugarland's Kristian Bush got a laugh during the pair's acceptance speech for Vocal Duo by thanking his father. "You were right, I can play guitar."

Following Miranda being named Female Vocalist, Brad made a crack about the songstress' and her fiance's lucky streak. "After the night Blake and Miranda are having, I think we can expect a baby in about nine months."

As Brad went to introduce Dierks Bentley's performance of 'Up on the Ridge,' the smoke from the stage caused him to slightly panic. "Very calmly evacuate," he told the crowd with a laugh.

Brad then joked by the Dierks' decision to record a bluegrass album. "Everybody knows that bluegrass grows wild and free out there in his hometown ... of Phoenix, Ariz."

Brad even managed to bring Nicole Kidman into the equation as he introduced Gwyneth Paltrow. "Here's something you don't see every day, an Oscar winning actress with a big CMA award winner ... unless you're Keith Urban, then you can't escape it.",feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=953070&pid=953069&uts=1289444687
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