Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened the 2016 CMA Awards with a cheeky opening monologue. Although Underwood was hoping the opening would stay away from politics, the bulk of their chatter did reference the upcoming election, albeit in a lighthearted way.

"We're so freaking sick of politics, we don't even care who wins," the pair sang, as Paisley strummed an acoustic guitar. "This election is taking forever!" Underwood exclaimed, before both expressed a wish the campaign would end.

The duo, who have co-hosted the CMA Awards every year since 2008, later adopted some of the terminology both presidential candidates have used: During a brief run-down of artists nominated for Entertainer of the Year -- which found Garth Brooks hilariously referred to as "Mr. Trisha Yearwood" -- Paisley exclaimed, "I love you guys, but #ImWithCarrie," then claimed jokingly the show is "rigged." (He also joked that Underwood was a "nasty woman," a reference to a Donald Trump jab at Hillary Clinton.)

In the segment's most successful moment, Paisley and Underwood unveiled a "basket of deplorables" filled with various items: camo, ammo ("Miranda, it's your favorite caliber!" Underwood exclaimed to Miranda Lambert, who laughed from the audience) and beer googles (which drew a shoutout to Luke Bryan). The basket also contained some faux food items, such as "Willie Nelson's Potted Meat," "Girl Crush Hard Soda" and a green liquid dubbed "Florida Georgia Lime" ("You're going to have to take a Wikileak" if you drink it during the show, Paisley quipped).

To close out the reveal, Paisley and Underwood pulled out a large, multicolored bra dubbed "a bra of many colors" -- a reference to Dolly Parton, who is receiving an award at the 2016 CMA Awards -- and two Barbie dolls: "Hawaiian Luau" Tim McGraw and "Pulled Pork BBQ" Faith Hill, complete with sauce stains on her shirt. As McGraw and Hill looked on in amusement, Underwood and Paisley pulled out a hot-pink Barbie bus advertising the pair's upcoming Soul2Soul World Tour, and joked that the doll pair would be "making love" on the bus.

To end the opening monologue, Paisley and Underwood singled out retired NFL star Peyton Manning, who was in the crowd. In a sly nod to Paisley's Nationwide Insurance commercial, they used the ad's familiar jingle melody to address him.

"Are you here to sell insurance?" Underwood sang. "No, I'm here for one of my favorite singers," Manning answered, gamely also singing.

"Thank you so much, is it me?" the hosts sang together playfully.

Peyton said no, that he was instead there for Kenny Chesney, who was siting nearby. As Chesney high-fived him and laughed, Underwood proclaimed, "Then Eli is our favorite QB."

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