Alt-country traditionalist Boo Ray is premiering the music video for his song “Redneck Rock & Roll” exclusively for readers of The Boot. The track appears on his newest studio album, Sea of Lights.

"Redneck Rock & Roll" -- a rollicking Americana-tinged rocker -- is Ray’s ode to the way things used to be in country music. In the track, the singer-songwriter rails against a few of modern country’s most popular trappings, like those “newfangled damn skinny-leg jeans” and “people talkin’, not sayin’ a damn thing.”

“Strip it down to the bones,” Boo Ray sings in the song's chorus. “Just gimme that redneck rock ‘n' roll.”

Sea of Lights, Ray's fifth studio album, brings with it an impressive historical pedigree: The tape machine that Ray and his band used to record the record was also used to by Johnny Cash to lay down his Nashville recordings, and for Bob Dylan’s 1969 classic Nashville Skyline. Alongside producer Noah Shain, the revered tape machine made a trip out to White Buffalo Studio in Los Angeles, Calif., where Sea of Lights was recorded.

“[Shain] said, ‘Get out here and do a record with me,'” Boo Ray recalls to The Boot — and since he had some money from a publishing deal, “instead of payin’ bills and takin’ care of myself, I went and made a record with Noah.”

Sea of Lights is currently available for purchase via iTunes.

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