Hook & Anchor released their self-titled debut album July 22 via Jealous Butcher.

The band is made up of Blind Pilot members Kati Claborn, Luke Ydstie and Ryan Dobrowski, as well as Gabrielle Macrae and Erik Clampitt.

Using songs that Claborn had piled up after five years of playing and traveling with Blind Pilot, she and Clampitt joined forces to form Hook & Anchor for a handful of shows that Clampitt had lined up.

"When Erik pulled this group of songs and people together, the music came together so seamlessly," Claborn says. "It didn't take much to realize that what these songs needed was this band, and that was how they should be recorded."

Claborn says that the unique country/folk/rock sound of the band comes from the varied background of each member, with no one being hailed as the lead singer.

"Everyone in the band has a pretty unique musical voice and that specific combination of voices is going to come through no matter who penned a song or is singing lead," she says. "We've all spent as much time as harmony singers as we have leads, so we can swap roles comfortably."

'Hook & Anchor' is available on Amazon and iTunes.

'Hook & Anchor' Track Listing:

1. 'Famously Easy'
2. 'Wild Wind'
3. 'Concerning Spectral Pinching'
4. 'Light of the Moon'
5. 'No, It's Not'
6. 'Hammer'
7. 'Tomorrow Night'
8. 'Hard Times'
9. 'Hazel Dell'
10. 'Blackbird'
11. 'The Fine Old Times'