We may live in an increasingly digital world, but Garth Brooks doesn't seem to be giving in when it comes to putting his music on iTunes.

But it may become more difficult for him to hold out as fans have started to demand it. Even famous fans like Blake Shelton are taking to social media to try to convince the country icon that it's time.



There are few artists who haven't gone to the digital download platform (even the Beatles finally gave in!), but Brooks says that he doesn't like the single-sale format that iTunes offers. He believes buying only the most popular songs off an album hurts songwriters, and it keeps fans from experiencing music they may love if they download the entire album.

"Let’s take 'No Fences,'" Brooks says (quote via Taste of Country). "For us, that has 'Friends in Low Places' and '[The] Thunder Rolls' on it. But it also has a song called 'Wolves' on it that’s way too not commercial for radio but changes people's lives when they hear it. Well, I think that’s important too. So the whole thing comes out as a piece, I want as a piece."

Maybe Shelton's plea will help convince Brooks to make his music more accessible. After a break from the industry, Brooks is preparing to head out on a three-year world tour, and he has promised fans new music. Now might be the perfect time to give in to digital to release the new tunes.

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