After Garth Brooks surprised 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts with the announcement that he plans to head out on a world tour in 2014, he's started to dish out details of what fans can expect -- including new music on the tour.

In a recent interview with Minneapolis' BUZN 102.9, he talks about the surprise announcement and how excited he is to be hitting the road again.

“As excited as you are, I’m a thousand times more excited," Brooks says. "It was like a 4,000-pound weight that came off my chest when I just said, ‘Yes I’m coming out [on tour].’ The world tour is all going to be the stuff you know Garth from and all the new stuff that’s coming. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. It’s a new tour. New Garth music that I hope gets treated like the old stuff.”

After a decade-long retirement, Brooks isn't sure if he's the same performer that he was when he left the business, but he hopes that fans will accept the artist he's become.

“I think I’m still the same guy, just now with three daughters in my rear-view mirror as children, what I’ve learned from that,” he says.

“All you can do is be yourself," he adds. "If you try to chase what’s new and happening you’re going to fall flat on your face. All I can do is be myself and if you guys accept that and everything’s great and we get to sell records and continue, great. If they say, ‘Hey, Garth you had a good run and it’s over,’ I thank God every night for my children and my wife, and let the chips fall where they may.”

Brooks has also discussed the tour while on CBS' 'The Talk,' where he let the hosts know that the upcoming tour will be bigger than anything he's done before.

“The whole goal in life is to make whatever you’ve done before look small,” Brooks says. “So, the 2014 world tour will be the first of probably a three-year world tour. I’m excited. I’m very excited.”

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