Just like last yearBlake Shelton is the country star of NASCAR: He's returning to perform NBC Sports Group's 2016 NASCAR opening theme, but this time around, the lyrics of his song "Bringing Back the Sunshine" have been changed to really reflect the racing environment.

Shelton's opening video will kick off NBC Sports' second season of NASCAR coverage. The clip shows Shelton and his NASCAR buddies goofing around on the tour bus, onstage and at a barbecue; approximately 1,000 NASCAR fans and more than 30 active drivers participated in the video shoot, which took place at Texas Motor Speedway in April. And the altered lyrics of "Bringing Back the Sunshine" make the song even more applicable to the high-energy sport.

"Everybody, ready set go / Rev it up, and let's roll / There's a party in the fast lane," Shelton sings. "Got my hands on the wheel, and I'm flying / Heartbeat loud as the thunder rolls / Riding in on a stampede-line lightning roll / I'm bringing back the sunshine / Bringing back the sunshine / Baby, it's about time."

"[I'm] Happy to be back to kick off NBC Sports' second season of NASCAR coverage and be able to rework my song, "Bringing Back the Sunshine" for the opening theme song," says Shelton. "I am a true NASCAR fan, and love being around the sport, spending time with the drivers, so this is a lot of fun for me."

Shelton's new NASCAR opening theme will debut on Saturday (July 2) before the Coke Zero 400; coverage begins at 7PM ET on NBC. Each week throughout the rest of the NASCAR season, NBC Sports will present a fresh version of the video, with updated on-track highlights, beauty shots of that week's host venue and unseen footage from the shoot from earlier this season.

Shelton’s newest album, If I’m Honest, is available for download on iTunes.

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