Soulful Southern rock crooner BJ Wilbanks is premiering his newest song, “Livin’ Off the Land,” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Readers can press play below to hear "Livin' Off the Land," which appears on Wilbanks' forthcoming self-titled album, also his first full-length solo release. Fans of Chris Stapleton, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Delta blues will find much to like in the Georgia-born singer-songwriter.

It’s hard to narrow down exactly what genre “Livin’ Off the Land” fits into, which is probably why Wilbanks has come up with a name for his unique sound: He refers to his tunes as “Back Porch Soul,” or a fusion of Americana, Motown, Southern rock and blues.

Prior to launching his solo career, Wilbanks enjoyed regional success with the band Gibson Wilbanks, playing gigs alongside acts such as Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds and Diane Durrett. As a solo artist, though, Wilbanks says that he can “forge a more personal connection with his audience” when it’s just him up there on the stage.

BJ Wilbanks is set for release on April 28. Fans can learn more about Wilbanks on his official website, or pre-order the album via Bandcamp.

Listen to BJ Wilbanks, "Livin' Off the Land":

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