Billy Currington was feted at a party in Nashville to celebrate the recent chart-topping success of his hit, 'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer,' last week. While he has had a string of four No. 1 singles in a row, and a career count of six, a humble Billy said, "It's nice to have No. 1s. They don't come easy."

Billy was actually going to put 'Pretty Good at Drinking Beer' on his last album, but did not end up including it, so he made sure he held onto the tune for his new project, 'Enjoy Yourself.' "I've been listening to it for two or three years," Billy says. "I hid it on my computer and never told anyone ... I lived with it for two years, and I just knew in my heart that other people would like it too."

With songs such as 'Beer,' 'People are Crazy,' 'That's How Country Boys Roll' and 'Good Directions,' Billy seems to have made a real connection with the male gender, but that wasn't always the case. The decision to record more of those beer drinking songs came on the heels of receiving advice from a certain 'Southern Voice' superstar. "For so long, we were playing shows, and it was just 90 percent girls out there, and that was so cool for a while," he notes. "But I ended up going hunting with Tim McGraw one time, and he'd seen that one night at a show he [attended]. He was like, 'Man, that's cool and all, but you've got to get them both. You've got to get the guys and the girls, so drop the love songs for a minute.' [laughs] And I took Tim up on that advice."

Billy is getting ready to hit the airwaves with his new single, 'Let Me Down Easy,' the second release from 'Enjoy Yourself.' In the meantime, he is on the road with Carrie Underwood for her 'Play On' tour. Check here for a full schedule of tour dates.

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