As the Bellamy Brothers prepare for the October 5 release of their 'Anthology, Vol. 2' collection, the duo have rarely been busier in their 35-year career. They've enjoyed two weeks at No. 1 on the Swiss charts with 'The Greatest Hits Sessions,' a collaboration with Gölä, Switzerland's top-selling artist. And Howard and David's video for the topical tune, 'Japalenos,' has become an Internet sensation with more one million views. They also recently spent a week in New York City appearing on 'FOX and Friends' and other high-profile media outlets.

"We recorded it in Switzerland, Florida and Nashville. It's a truly International project," David tells The Boot of the album they recorded with Gölä. The project was initiated by an executive with Universal Music in Europe who approached the brothers with the idea of teaming with the Swiss star.

"I said, 'We're open for anything,' so they sent me a few of Gölä's songs and then we met him. It was just an easy thing to do because he's sort of crazy in the same way we're crazy," David says with a laugh. "He's just a real good guy. He's kind of a Swiss rocker. He likes a lot of the same music we do and he grew up on some of our songs."

Gölä flew to the U.S last May to work on the record and the Bellamys had a chance to show him around their home state. "He flew into Miami because they wanted to drive up and down Florida and look around a little bit," David says. "They came to the ranch and spent a couple of days with us and then we flew to Nashville and played the Ryman. That was a big deal for him because he'd always heard about the Ryman. He really got into that whole thing and then we went back to Switzerland and played a show with him in Interlaken with about 15,000 people."

Prior to their collaboration with Gölä, the Bellamys were already well-known in Switzerland as they've toured Europe heavily for decades. "We've been going to Switzerland for so long it's really easy to communicate with people there," David says. "Howard and I relate to them real well because we've toured there for almost 35 years."

'The Greatest Hits Sessions' features Bellamy classics such as 'Let Your Love Flow,' 'Kids of the Baby Boom' and 'I Need More of You' as well as some of Gölä's best knows tunes, including the Swiss classic 'Swan.' "We recorded some songs of his and he recorded some of ours and we recorded songs together," says David, "and then we did a bonus track. I wrote a song for the album called 'I Must Be In Switzerland.' And we did a version of 'Swan' that actually came onto the charts last week as a single. It charted at 27."

In addition to the project with Gölä, the Bellamy Brothers' first 'Anthology' collection was released in Switzerland. "It's still on the Swiss charts," David says. "I think it's in the 30s now on the charts because they did a TV marketing thing on it. It's been really great!"

The Bellamys are on tour in the U.S. through November and then return to Switzerland in December for nine shows with Gölä before wrapping the year with a few more shows stateside. David says he and Howard are also working on another gospel album, a follow-up to the acclaimed 'Jesus is Coming' project, but it's been hard to find time to complete everything they have in the works.

"We're working on a gospel album," David says. "But I don't know exactly when I'll have it finished because all these other projects have been coming along and it set me back just a little bit."

The new 'Anthology' collection will include 21 songs and 10 videos. "There's a new song on there that we just shipped to radio here called 'Back In The Day,' that we wrote. We really love it," David says. "I think it's one of the most rockin' records we've done in a long time. We also recorded one of Kevin Bacon's songs, too, that he gave us when we were shooting the 'Guilty of the Crime' video with him last year. He gave us a song called 'Strung Out' that we did and it turned out really great. He got a big kick out of us cutting it. We sent it to him and he really liked it a lot."

The Bellamy Brothers' 'The Anthology, Vol. 2' will be available on October 5.