The Bellamy Brothers spent some time in their home state of Florida recently, where they received an unwelcomed surprise. While shooting a video in the Florida Everglades, thieves helped themselves to thousands of dollars worth of production equipment, by breaking into their rental cars and trucks.

"The police told us that most of the electronics were offered to a local pawn shop right after the theft, but the owner turned the equipment down after suspecting it had been stolen," David Bellamy shares (quote via "Fortunately, the video cameras and guitars were not taken, probably due to their size."

David, along with his brother Howard, were in the middle of shooting four different videos in various locations across the Sunshine State, with Austrian pop music singer DJ Ötzi. Their collaboration is planned for an upcoming international release, which is perfect for the worldwide stars.

"Our success overseas really started with 'Let Your Love Flow,'" David notes of their 1976 hit. "That's what allowed us to keep on all these years because it was a world hit. It was so big in so many countries it allowed us to keep going back."

Fortunately for their American fans, the Bellamy Brothers have plenty of dates scheduled in the United States, including stops in Oklahoma, Texas and Minnesota, as well as a show tonight (January 27) in Burnsville, N.C. They will also head back overseas over the summer for concerts in Switzerland, Denmark and Norway. See their concert schedule here.

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