Aubrie Sellers has music in her blood. The daughter of Lee Ann Womack and singer-songwriter Jason Sellers, and stepdaughter of record producer Frank Liddell, has been singing for as long as she can remember. So while it would be easy for Sellers to call in a few favors, she is making her music on her own terms and forging her own path away from her parents' spotlights.

"Everyone in my family, they do music and they love music; it's all about the music," Sellers tells The Boot. "Everyone does their own tastes and everything: I’ve discovered music that’s very different from theirs, and my music is very different from theirs. But I think what I’ve learned to focus on is my music, and that’s why I made my record independently."

In January of 2016, Sellers released her debut album, New City Blues. After signing with Warner Music Nashville in July, the project was re-released in late September, with "Sit Here and Cry" released as a single.

"It took three years to make it and write it. I wrote all of it myself, and in all of that, I was really taking my time and making sure it was all about the music," Sellers explains of the record. "I think if you do that, everything else will come along."

Sellers admits that she's had plenty of opportunities to ride her parents' coattails, but she wanted the satisfaction that comes with doing things her own way more than instant fame and fortune.

"To be honest, when you grow up in the music business, people heard me sing from a young age, and you get offered development deals and things like that," Sellers concedes. "I didn’t sign a record deal; I didn’t do any of that. I made my record independently, and I went out and hit the road in a van. I’ve been touring that way for three years, and I still am ...

"I think it’s a different era; it wasn’t that way when mom signed a record deal," Sellers adds. "I’ve been doing it in a more independent way than I think they did. And also, my music is very different and more edgy than theirs."

Still, there's perhaps no one more proud of Sellers than her own mother, who heartily approves of her daughter's decisions.

"She likes the choices I’ve been making," Sellers says. "I feel like we’re a big musical family: We share our players, and we love all the same people, and we respect the same kind of talent ... It’s kind of fluid."

Early this year, Sellers will join Miranda Lambert on the road, serving as the opening act for Lambert's Highway Vagabond Tour, and the up-and-comer is "very excited" to be hitting the road with the country superstar.

"I think I’ve always really respected her music. I really, genuinely love all her records," Sellers gushes of her tour boss. "I think we’re going to be a great match: We’ve both got some fire, and I’m excited to be out there."

In between tour dates, though, Sellers doesn't plan on being idle; instead, she already has her sights set on her sophomore album.

"I’m going to be writing songs. I’m going to be working on new music, because even though this record just came out, I made it three or four years ago, so I’m ready to be working on new stuff," she promises. "I hope by then I’ve reached more people and made a little bit of an impact, and hopefully able to be working on new music at that point."

A list of all of Sellers' upcoming shows is available on her websiteNew City Blues is available for download on iTunes.