Aubrie Sellers is delivering a tongue-in-cheek breakup song in the form of "Sit Here and Cry," her first single on Warner Music Nashville.

"I'm gonna sit here and cry until you come back," Sellers sings before rattling off a list of things she can't do anymore because her man left her. Although Sellers adds that she will be "counting every tear that I can cry," it's pretty clear that she's not one bit serious about it.

“There may be people who think this is a song about being paralyzed ‘cause the guy left,” Sellers says in a press release. “Most girls are far less destroyed than people want to believe. So this song is like one giant eye roll, or maybe a ‘yeah, that’s what you think …,’ set to music. We are stronger and bounce back faster than some songs paint us, and that’s what this song’s all about.”

Sellers co-wrote "Sit Here and Cry" with Adam Wright. She explains that she and producer Frank Liddell -- who is also her stepfather -- knew they wanted the song to be "aggressive without knocking people down;" they "wanted listeners to feel this girl was pi--ed."

"Anyone might think she was sad about the guy leaving, but especially that the guy might think it," Sellers explains. "The more we talked, we realized: Less is more, because every instrument can really expand and hit as hard as those other records. It’s also the point: This girl is every bit as strong as whomever left her.”

Sellers, who is the daughter of Lee Ann Womack and her ex-husband, Jason Sellers, released her debut album, New City Blues, in January and signed with Warner Music Nashville in July. She cites everyone from Led Zeppelin to Ralph Stanley as influences — “all music that’s driven, that’s haunted, that cuts and moves” — and calls her sound “garage country.”

New City Blues will be re-released on Warner on Sept. 30. "Sit Here and Cry" is available on iTunes now.

Listen to Aubrie Sellers, "Sit Here and Cry":

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