In 2018, Ashley McBryde is poised to be one of country music's biggest breakout artists. In late January, the singer-songwriter announced that she will release a new album, Girl Going Nowhere, this spring. The project follows 2016's Jalopies & Expensive Guitars and is her first on a major label.

Read on to learn more about McBryde's much-anticipated new album.

The Title

Girl Going Nowhere may be the opposite of where McBryde's headed now, but the album takes its name from one of its songs, "Girl Goin' Nowhere." The track was inspired by the time the artist's algebra teacher told her that she'd never be successful in music, a story McBryde often recounts onstage.

"The teacher looked at me and said, ‘That won’t happen and you better have a good backup plan,'" McBryde remembers. "It didn't put the fire out, it just added to it."

McBryde wrote "Girl Goin' Nowhere" after the death of country music legend Guy Clark.

The Release Date

Girl Going Nowhere is set for release on March 30.

The Record Label

McBryde will release Girl Going Nowhere on Warner Music Nashville. She signed with the label in September of 2017.

The Album Cover

Ashley McBryde Girl Going Nowhere Cover Art
Warner Music Nashville

McBryde's Girl Going Nowhere album cover shows her seated behind the wheel of a car. She's got one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the seat, her sunglasses reflecting the road ahead.

The Producer

McBryde worked with award-winning Nashville producer Jay Joyce on Girl Going Nowhere. Joyce is known for his work with Emmylou Harris, Zac Brown Band and Lanco, among others.

The Single

"A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" is McBryde's first single from Girl Going Nowhere. She co-wrote the song alongside Nicolette Hanford and Jesse Rice, based on bad days they'd all had and Rice's own experience that specifically parallels the song's narrative.

"I was leaving Atlanta ... and as [my car] kind of pooped out, I took this exit, and it was a place place called Dahlonega," McBryde recalls Rice telling them, "and I see this bar called the Crimson Moon, so I just pulled in."

When he bellied up to the bar at the Crimson Moon, Rice realized that ‘90s soft-rocker Shawn Mullins (of “Lullabye” fame) was the artist playing inside the bar. So, Rice decided to stay ... and met the woman that he eventually married.

The Songs

Not surprisingly, Girl Going Nowhere is the definition of an autobiographical album for McBryde. She co-wrote all of its 11 tracks, and has released a music video for "American Scandal."

Ashley McBryde, Girl Going Nowhere Track Listing:

1. “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” (Ashley McBryde, Jeremy Bussey)
2. “Radioland” (Ashley McBryde, Autumn McEntire, Chris Roberts)
3. “American Scandal” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Terri Jo Box)
4. “Southern Babylon” (Ashley McBryde, Tommy Collier)
5. “The Jacket” (Ashley McBryde, Olivia Rudeen, Neal Cotty)
6. “Livin’ Next to Leroy” (Ashley McBryde, Nicolette Hayford)
7. “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” (Ashley McBryde, Nicolette Hayford, Jesse Rice)
8. “Andy” (I Can’t Live Without You)" (Ashley McBryde)
9. “El Dorado” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Patrick Savage)
10. “Tired of Being Happy” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Blue Foley)
11. “Home Sweet Highway” (Ashley McBryde, CJ Field, Blue Foley)

The Tour

McBryde's 2018 touring schedule includes opening slots on two big tours: Luke Combs' Don't Tempt Me With a Good Time Tour and Miranda Lambert's Livin' Like Hippies Tour. She's also set to make appearances at California's Stagecoach Festival and the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y., among others. Fans can scope out McBryde's full list of tour dates on

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