Ashley Campbell has released a music video for her debut single, "Remembering." In the clip, the daughter of Glen Campbell can be seen singing the poignant song while home movies of her family before her father's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease flash across the screen.

With lines such as, “Bone for bone, we are the same / Bones get tired, and they can’t carry all the weight / We can talk until you can’t even remember my name / Daddy, don’t you worry / I’ll do the remembering / Daddy, don’t you worry / I’ll do the remembering,” Ashley Campbell says that the song was her way of connecting with her family when they were living far apart.

"My parents were still living in Malibu, and I felt really bad that I was a couple states away from my dad and from my mom, going through this and taking care of him," she explains. "I just needed to write something to feel closer to them."

The singer, who recently signed with Dot Records to work on an album, played with her father during his final tour, which ended in 2012, when his illness prohibited him from playing any additional dates. Campbell says that she is proud to be part of her father's heritage, but she insists that she is not relying on his legacy to forge her own career path.

“I don’t want anyone to think that I’m using my dad’s name as a crutch,” she tells the Guardian. “It’s a part of my identity and who I am. It’s where I came from, and I’m proud of it. And If I didn’t think that I could back it up with my own talent, then I wouldn’t be [making music]. I’m honoring him by embracing being his daughter.”

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