Adam Doleac drew inspiration from a real-life celebrity love story for the music video for his new song "Famous." The clip stars Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, who met as participants in Season 23 of The Bachelor, but, Doleac explains, the storyline imagines other -- perhaps less public -- ways the couple might have met had they not been introduced on the reality TV show.

"What Cassie and Colton love to do is play different scenarios where they could've met," Doleac explains in a special behind-the-scenes peek into the process of making the music video. Press play above to watch the full clip, which is premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Since they met in such a -- they call it a cliche way, on a TV show, they always like to picture whether they met at a park, or at a grocery store, wherever it could've been," he adds. "So when they heard the song, they actually heard their love story."

In fact, Underwood and Randolph felt so connected to "Famous" that the first time they heard it, they jumped on social media to express how much they liked the song. "They posted a video on their way to Aspen, [Colo.], for a vacation. They just held the phone up and "Famous" was on. It was the first time they'd heard it," Doleac recalls. "They were like, 'We don't know the words, but we love this song!' And so they were the first 'famous' people to post about "Famous.""

When it came time to shoot the song's music video, Doleac decided to get in touch and ask the couple to star in the clip. "Kind of a long shot -- I didn't think they'd wanna do it," he admits. "And you would have thought I was letting them do something cool. They were like, 'We'd love to do it.'"

Doleac goes on to explain the process of unveiling the video in November -- an event that Underwood and Randolph joined him for, too. "We just kinda used social media to talk with fans as much as we could," he points out, explaining the Facebook Live and Instagram videos they planned around the music video's release.

"I think you can see all the fun we had that day in the video," the singer adds. "If you like the song "Famous," the only reason to make a video, I think, is to give someone a different perspective on how to see the song. And I think Colton and Cassie did so well with that."

A former Division I baseball player at the University of Southern Mississippi, Doleac signed a major-label record deal with Sony Music Group in October, after being signed with Sony / ATV for publishing since 2014. He's toured with Zac Brown Band, among others, and, in addition to releasing his own music, earned cuts by Kane Brown and more.

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