Abby Anderson's single "Good Lord" is all about the love and excitement that comes with finding the right partner. The singer says that, prior to writing it, she'd been focusing on songs that expressed different aspects of her personality, but she hadn't really had a chance to celebrate her real-life love story.

Read on as Anderson tells The Boot more about the story behind the song "Good Lord," in her own words.

I was taking a trip to Washington, DC, to perform at the National Christmas Tree Lighting, and I took [co-writers] Josh [Kerr] and Jordan [Minton] with me. We took a bus up there, and we had been writing all day.

I was like, "Y'all, we've been writing heartbreak songs and these anthems, and sassy confidence songs. I love these, but let's write a song about my boyfriend. I am so in love right now! Let's right about it."

We came up with the hook, "Good lord, I've got a good man," and I went up to soundcheck. I came back, and they had half the chorus done. I look at them, and they've met my boyfriend a couple of times, so I'm like, "Do y'all got a crush on him, too? What's going on here? He's mine, okay? I know he's cute, but c'mon!"

We finished the song in under an hour. Every word of it was true.

It's refreshing. I mean, I love the confidence songs, I love the heartbreak songs, but yeah, I'm just in a different season. I'm in a good relationship, and happy. That's what it's about. I've been writing songs about him since I met him, but this was the first song I sent to him about him. Because we've been dating for eight or nine months, so I felt safe to be like, "Hey, P.S., this song's about you."

I sent it to him and he loved it. I'm sure he's embarrassed by it, but he would never admit that to me. He's very supportive of my writing -- very supportive.

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