Mindy McCready hoped to be all over the news last week. But she wanted it to be because of her new album, 'I'm Still Here,' rather than for the sex tape, 'Baseball Mistress' which had unexpectedly surfaced at the same time. The tape, to be distributed by Vivid Entertainment, was scheduled to be released on April 19 but has been delayed indefinitely in the wake of a legal battle over its release.

"I had no idea," Mindy tells Fox411.com of the tape's existence. "I woke up one morning and turned on the computer and it was all over the place, so that's exactly how I found out."

The tape, which was allegedly stolen from a family friend, purportedly features Mindy in explicit sexual acts with a man named Peter, as well as candid conversations about her affair with baseball great, Roger Clemens and several other celebrities, including former flame Dean Cain. And while many people have speculated that this was an attempt by Mindy to create attention for herself, the former 'Celebrity Rehab' star says that couldn't be further from the truth.

"This has not been a media stunt," she insists to Country Weekly. "This was not a planned thing. I wish the media would think about things before they say them. It is a possibility that there are more people out there than myself that are trying to capitalize on me. The fact that every single thing that [media has speculated] that I did or orchestrated is simply not true."

Mindy's troubles, including several arrests for drug and alcohol charges, three suicide attempts and an assault on her mother, caused her to lose custody of her son, four-year old Zander, who is currently living with her mother. "That's a delicate matter," she admits. "My mom and I are arguing over that situation. Me putting out some kind of a tape like that would be the worst thing I could ever do at this time regarding that situation."

It's because of Zander that Mindy continues to vigorously fight to keep the tape off the market. "I have a child and he will grow up and Google one day," she fears. "So I definitely don't want that kind of stuff on the internet."

Mindy feels confident that the tape will never be available to the public, thanks to her outstanding legal team. "My attorney is amazing," she says. "It is not being released, and it has been pulled completely from the internet. [Vivid] has actually been pretty cool about not making a big deal about pulling it off. They were respectful of that, so that's good ... I think that the fact that they've pulled the release and pulled it off the internet already shows that our case has way more than merit."

In addition to her new album, Mindy recently penned a tell-all autobiography, also titled 'I'm Still Here,' which she says will reveal personal details of her past. The book will be released this fall.

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