Kip Moore delivered the disappointing news last week that he was delaying the release of his sophomore album, but the singer is still giving fans another taste of his new record.

Moore released the next single, 'Dirt Road,' from the upcoming project Tuesday (April 15), and he says the song has already been a success in his live shows.

"The groove of this song is something that really grabbed me," he explains of the uptempo tune, which he co-wrote with Westin Davis and Dan Couch. "I actually worked it up with the band on the road, and we played it live that same night. We did that with a lot of the new songs and in a way the live crowds helped shape this album because of that."

The 34-year-old admits that while he's settled on a summer release for the album, he hasn't decided on the final track list.

“I’m never done. It could still shift,” he concedes. “We now know exactly when the record’s comin’ out and there still is time to change it up. So I’ve still been writing a lot of stuff that I’m starting to really, really like, so it might change again. I just have to keep reminding myself that as long as I’ve lived with these songs, other people still haven’t heard them yet, so we’ll see.”

Moore will undoubtedly try out a few more songs on his fans when he hits the road with Tim McGraw next month, as the opening act on his Sundown Heaven Town Tour. See all of Moore's upcoming shows here.

Download 'Dirt Road' here.