Blaine LarsenJeff Foxworthy never knows where his celebrity guests will be when phoning into his radio countdown show. That's why the comedian's first question is usually something like, "Where are you and what are you wearing?"

Jeff got a big laugh when he posed that question to Blaine Larsen on his "Meet and Greet" interview segment last month. The singer was calling from a CITGO gas station in Eagleville, Tenn., wearing camouflage.

"Dove season opens in about 30 minutes here. I got my shotgun, I got my shells and I'm heading out to the field," Blaine reported.

"Do you have enough shells," laughed Jeff, "because every time I go dove hunting, I'm thinking, 'Yeah, I've got enough shells, but dove really ends up being a very economical meat. By the time you're eating it, it only costs about $48 a pound.'"

Blaine is proud to have his new single, 'It Did,' on iTunes. He describes it as a "three-act story that consists of a young romance, a marriage and the birth of a child."

The hook: when you think it can't get any better than this ... it did.

"It's a song I probably could have done a couple of years ago," says Blaine. "I got married, had a little girl -- she's 16 months old. It really hit me and will probably touch a lot of other people, too."

"I've been married almost 25 years and that's the first thing I thought about when I heard (the song)," Jeff said. "I remember when I met her and thought, 'Oh, it can't get any better than this.' Then you get married, and you've got young kids ... I've got kids getting ready to go to college, and it's still getting better. I guess that's the thing about it that really touched me."

"It's the same with me," Blaine gushed. "With my little girl, I'll come home, I'll be gone on the road for a few days or a week and she's doing something completely different. Now, she's just starting to talk. It's amazing."

Blaine reports that his new album is almost complete. "It's looking like it will have 12 or 13 songs. The album release date is to be determined, but I would guess around Christmas," he says. "I'm super proud of this record. It's my third album that I've done, and it's exactly what I want to be doing. I've formed my own label (Treehouse) and doing this kind of on my own with some great folks in the business ... and I tell you what, it gives me a lot more freedom than I had when I was with a big label. It's been the most fun."

Blaine's new album will be titled 'Not Too Bad.' His new single, 'It Did,' is available to download on iTunes here.