Blaine LarsenBlaine Larsen has hit the airwaves with his new ode to summer, 'Chillin'.'

"It's about summertime, and everybody's ready to get out and have a couple of drinks and relax, get out on the boat or head down to the islands or to the beach," Blaine tells The Boot. "So this song is one that I'm hoping a lot of folks will crank up and play while they're doing all that stuff. It takes you away for a few minutes, and we've got a lot of stuff going on in the world right now that nobody really wants to dwell on, so this is something to get people's minds off of it."

Blaine wrote the song with pals Phil O'Donnell and Ed Hill, and he recalls the everyday phrase that got their creative wheels turning. "I remember coming up with the idea because everybody says it all the time: 'We're just chillin'. We're gonna go chill out,'" explains Blaine. "So, I heard it a bunch and thought, 'Man, that's got to be a song.'"

While the song talks about getting away, the writers were actually in an office on Music Row crafting the song. "I wish we could've written it in some exotic location or out on the boat while we were fishing, but we didn't," Blaine laments.

The song mentions not going to work and hanging out at the beach with bare feet, but how does Blaine "chill out?" Mainly by spending time with the most important people in his life. "I've got a family -- a wife and a little girl -- so when I'm not on the road, obviously, I like to hang out with them," the 24-year-old says. "When I do have some time to actually do something for myself, I love to fly. I'm a pilot, so that's what I love to do. But I'm into hunting and fishing, as well. So, anything outdoors for me. I love being outside."

Blaine, who also co-wrote George Strait's current single 'I Gotta Get to You,' will be performing his current single, 'Chillin',' when he plays this year's CMA Music Festival later this month.

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