Singer and songwriter Zoe Cummins delivers a jolt of power for anyone going through a breakup with her new song "Your Side of It." It's premiering exclusively via The Boot; press play below to listen.

"A lot more times than we think, people are misunderstood in breakups — whether it be because of who they are or what they did," Cummins tells The Boot. "This song to me represents that strength within when you’re hurting the most ... It’s a reminder that you’re validated in your struggle and in your choices — even if other people don’t see things the way you do."

Cummins' voice has a Morgan Wade-esque quality to it as she reminds an ex that their side of things isn't the whole story. "I hear you're sayin' that you were the one that fought, I was the one that walked / I hear you're claimin' that I got issues, that's only your truth ... That's your side of it," she sings over a steady drum and driving guitar, twisting the titular phrase to offer it new meaning at the end of each verse.

"Your Side of It," due out widely on Friday (June 11) leads Cummins' forthcoming self-titled EP, her first with Torrez Music Group. She says the record is "exactly how I have always dreamed of beginning my career."

"It’s some of my favorite songs done with my favorite collaborators from the past several years that I think are a great representation of my various styles and influences as an artist. I think it will give listeners a taste of what all is to come," Cummins, an Oklahoma native, shares, "and it’s the perfect summary of who I am. It’s got just the right punch mixed with just the right groove, and I am so proud of this collection."

The Zoe Cummins EP is due out on July 16. The six-track project is available to pre-order and pre-save now, and fans can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on her goings-on.

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