Acclaimed world musician Zach Ashton is debuting the music video for his latest single, "Borderline," exclusively for readers of The Boot. The track will appear on Ashton's forthcoming album, People & Places, due out on Friday (Oct. 21).

Following the trajectory of a relationship overshadowed by mental illness, "Borderline" finds its strength in simplicity. Its lyrics are sparse and simple, stripped of anything but love as Ashton sings of fighting for a relationship that may have already met its end. What began in euphoria has led to a wasteland of sorts, walking the border between what love could be and what it has become.

"We were on top of the world / A place where nothing is broken / Now you're too tired for words / I never know what you're thinking," Ashton sings in the first verse of "Borderline," as he drives down empty dirt roads and wanders through deserted land. The images in the tune's accompanying video are perfect complements to a song about abandoned love and potentially fruitless waiting.

"And it drives me out of my mind / Stuck at the borderline / And there's gonna be a war tonight / Down at the borderline," Ashton sings. "And I wait / Yeah, I wait for you / To show me the way / To show me the way through."

Ashton walks a fine line in the melody of "Borderline" as well, blending soft harmonies, melancholy guitars and a mid-tempo drum beat. The song is nostalgic without being overly dramatic and sad without being overly tragic, and in the same way, its video combines elements of waiting and moving to reveal a picture that is at once heavy and hopeful. Patience is at the heart of this beautiful song, and it's revealed in every aspect of the song and video.

A self-taught musician, Ashton grew up in Florida but has spent the majority of his musical career traveling the world and drawing influences from places such as Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Israel and Italy. Aptly titled People & Places, Ashton's upcoming fifth studio record was recorded in Rome and mixed in Nashville, creating a piece of music that matches the artist's personal journey across geographical and emotional borders.

Fans can find more information about People & Places on Ashton's official website, iTunes and Facebook.

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