The Zac Brown Band have released the video for "Loving You Easy." The song is the third single from their recent Jekyll + Hyde record.

The black-and-white video, shot in Venice Beach, Calif., stars Crisis and Grown Ups 2 star Halston Sage and was filmed by famed photographer and film director Danny Clinch, whose numerous credits include Johnny Cash, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Phish.

""Loving You Easy," to me, is a tip of the hat to that Philly soul and Motown era," lead singer Zac Brown tells iHeartRadio. "It's a modern-day oldie. Even the modulation going into the last chorus is a tip of the hat to old Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5.

"But it's also about respect to our ladies in the home -- just being natural," he continues. "It's not about getting all fixed up, dress on and makeup and everything. It's just about the beauty of a woman in her natural state. It's a great, great feeling that a guy has when he sees his lady happy and content. This song is really about capturing the spirit of what that is.

"It's short, just like an old song, too," Brown adds. "A lot of the Beatles' hits were around two minutes long. "Loving You Easy" is two and a half minutes long. It comes in like a summer breeze ... and it's gone."

Jekyll + Hyde is the first album the Zac Brown Band have released in three years; their last project was 2012's Uncaged. The break, Brown says, helped the new set of tunes shift the trajectory of their career.

“Over the last seven or eight years, there’s been a violent growth around us, having five kids, the growth of all my businesses, and touring, just figuring out and getting settled in. So now, we had the ability to unplug for a few months,” Brown explains. “This time, I feel like this is the most important record we’ve ever made. I wanted to make a new partnership for this record. I think we’ve got a lot to prove. I want to get better every year. That’s the love for it. I want it to translate, and I’m willing to do the hard work to get it there.”

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