"Y'all Boys," a song off of Florida Georgia Line's most recent album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, is a collaboration with songwriter and emerging artist Hardy. The duo, comprised of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, have long championed Hardy as both a writer and a performer in his own right, and they hope to introduce him to their fanbase with the track.

Read on to learn more about how "Ya'll Boys" was written, in Hardy, Kelley and Hubbard's own words.

Hardy: We were getting ready to cut my first EP, and that one was on the list. When the meeting got brought up, Seth England, who's both our managers, was like, "You can cut it if you want, and [maybe] the guys [of Florida Georgia Line] wanna sing on it."

There ended up being four songs on the EP, and I love those [songs] so much. I said, "Well, why don't FGL cut it, and I'll sing on it?" So it worked out.

[It's] super fun, and I got in there and sang my thing, and came back in later to do some ad-libs and stuff. There's a lot of jokes that didn't make it onto the record.

Brian Kelley: Hardy made a dang deal with us!

He was part of writing ["Y'all Boys"]; we didn't write on that one. And he was like, "Hey, man, you guys can cut it if I can hop on it." And we said alright.

But it's an anthem. It's a big ol' smash, and the first time we heard it, it was an FGL song, for us.

Tyler Hubbard: And we love Hardy, too. We've been a big fan of him. He's an amazing songwriter and an amazing singer, and we wanted to showcase him a little bit, as the new guy. People know our name, and we know that everybody's probably still wondering who this Hardy kid is, but the whole world is gonna know soon, for sure.

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